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Alteration Station Staunton

29 E Beverly St., Staunton, VA, 24401

Slow Fashion Movement- I am a huge fan of vintage and second hand clothing. What if we can give wearable clothes a second chance at life? We are reducing production waste, water waste, keeping things out of the landfill, with the added bonus of dressing with unique flare. Buying anything in a big box store pretty much guarantees there are a few thousand other people who have also purchased the exact same thing. Not so with sweet vintage finds. Utilizing second hand clothing is the most logical and obvious way to stop supporting unethical fashion practices. This is where Alteration Station comes to the rescue! Vintage or thrift clothing doesn't always fit perfectly. I can help give you the perfect fit of a custom garment. But you've already got a closet full of clothes you don't wear. Great! Altering clothes you already own is a perfect example of slow fashion! Have a shirt with a hem that’s just a little too long and looks boxy on you? I'll crop it! Wish that perfect sweater didn't have a hole? I'll mend it. Reimagining and upcycling your whole wardrobe brings great joy! Don't toss it out, fix it, alter it, use it!  And while you're at it support local small businesses! The Alteration Station is your stop for classically tailored clothing, funky reworks of vintage favorites, home decor projects, as well as repairs and emergency fixes.  Located on-site at Nanny June Vintage