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Our Projects

Our Story

We are parents who care about the state of our planet, which we will leave for our kids.

Our story began with diapers. Several moms were surprised how many diapers might be sent to a landfill, and a conversation about plastic and recycling followed. In addition, we’ve evaluated what we’ve done and what we need to do to reduce the plastic in our life and in our community. We’ve also discussed what alternatives we can use to replace plastic, and what we can do to reduce waste in our households.

We have decided that we want to learn and do more, and we want to share our ideas about a waste-less life, to involve our community in this very important movement. Also, we understand that we could reduce or eliminate plastic in our households, but it is a community effort to create a cleaner environment for us and our kids, and we need to do it together. Let's prevent the growing single-used items concentration in our environment and other waste on our planet together!

Our Team

Maya Kartseva

Julia Sabin

Galina Harris

Aubrey Thomas